Set of 4 Art Cards


A set of 4 art cards from original ink and salt drawings by James Roberts.
Cards come with Kraft envelopes.

Night River Wood edition.


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A set of 4 art cards. Featuring ink and salt drawings of a kingfisher, barn owl, heron and raven. The artwork is created using a few drops of water and black ink, mixed with a pinch of salt. The images are then manipulated while wet using pens, brushes, sticks and blotting paper to create texture and a sense of movement.

"My drawing is a response to the movement of birds, the endless transitions they make in flight, their appearances and disappearances. Ancient Chinese poets believed that the world, the ten thousand things, appeared out of nothing, danced for a while, then returned to where they came from, to emerge later in other forms. It is the perfect way to think about nature, and about art."

Printed on Italian Tintoretto Gesso textured card, 300gsm.
Card size: 148mm x 148mm.
Cards come with Kraft (natural coloured) envelopes

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Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 0.5 × 29.7 × 14 cm

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