Night River Wood is a slowly evolving small press and (soon to be) gallery producing limited edition fine art prints and illustrated pamphlets created or curated by artist and
writer James Roberts.

Essays & Interludes

A selection from the archive

In a Wolf’s Eye

Conservation Essay

20 minute read

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A River of Sound

“Close to its surface a shallow river talks loudly. It’s as if the water is passing through many throats, being gulped, gargled and spluttered as it moves over pebbles and rocks, willow roots, rafts of dead vegetation piled against the bank.”

The Blossom Front Line

“There is a stretch of road over the border, not far from here, which rolls and curves between acres of orchards. In late April each year it is lit on both sides with the colours of fruit blossom ranging from almost white to pale pink.”

Dark Water

“Tonight the river is high. I don’t know what atmospheric conditions out in the Atlantic are driving this endless rain. Like all weather these days it doesn’t seem right. My headlights project two beams across the water, which boils and writhes downstream. Nothing could swim against that.”

Artworks | Gifts

When I create a new series of images or drawings I make a free edition of signed cards of a single image from the series. These are sent out randomly to subscribers or to people who contact me directly. To date cards have been sent to Alaska and Seattle, to India, Sweden, Norway, Tasmania, New Zealand, and to places not so far away where the cards are left in quiet places for random passers to find.

Coming Soon | Art Prints

A series of ink and salt drawings of wild birds printed in a limited, signed edition of 100.