Winged is an illustrated pamphlet of 14 poems about wild birds. First published during the pandemic in 2020 it sold out within days, calling to a need in readers to connect with the natural world at a time when visiting wild places was not possible. This second edition is expanded, redesigned and includes new artwork and cover. Winged was reviewed by the editor of the internationally renowned poetry journal Agenda in Vol 54. She wrote: “This sequence links, and, dare I say, surpasses bird poems most of us know. Think of Keats’ nightingale, Shelley’s skylark. Only Gerald Manley Hopkins’ Windhover, to me, seems on a par with these.”

Another review of the pamphlet was published by Caught by the River soon after publication. You can read it here.

Poetry pamphlet
40 pages including covers
With original illustrations by the author
2nd edition
Printed on Italian textured paper.
Published by Night River Wood


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