James Roberts is a writer and artist working from an old rural market town in the Welsh Borders surrounded by rivers, woods, and high hills – his favourite things. It’s a place where the stars are still lantern bright at night.

Recent work has been published by National Geographic, The Scotsman and The Western Mail. His poetry and literary essays have been published by Agenda, Little Toller and Corbel Stone Press. His new non-fiction book, Two Lights, was published by September Publishing in March 2023. It explores the decline in wild species over his lifetime, through the prism of twilight. You can read a short section here. 

His latest poetry pamphlet, Winged contains 14 poems about wild birds, with accompanying illustrations. It was reviewed here and sold out quickly. A new hardback version, Winged | Dark Water, which also includes a collection of short essays, will be released soon on his Night River Wood imprint.

His art and illustrations have featured in several galleries and exhibitions, as well as in theatres, magazines and books. He is currently working on a series of ink and salt drawings of ravens, owls and hawks which are available as prints on this website.

James spent 30 years working in the design industry as a graphic designer, artworker, animator and web designer. More recently he was an E-Commerce director, which was not his thing at all . . .

James is available for creative projects and partnerships. Do get in touch here

James is represented by Robert Caskie.